Barn Roof Progress Report


Hare Krishna,

Despite the challenges of Balabhadra’s (ISCOWP president) recovery from Gullian-barre Syndrome, the cows are healthy and happy and the garden is producing abundantly at the ISCOWP farm.  We thank you for your support during this difficult time. You can read more about what is going on at the ISCOWP farm in the following articles. Happy reading and we pray this letter finds you well.

Your servant and friend,

(Irene M. Dove)
ISCOWP Co-Managing Director

Barn Roof Progress Report

Thank you so much everyone for donating to building the roof on the geriatric barn where the old and infirm cows stay during the winter and also other seasons when they need to. We have purchased all the materials but do not have enough funds for all of the labor. The cost of the materials is usually about half the price of the construction job; the cost of the labor is about the other half of the cost. We recently lost our labor for the job, and we are presently inquiring about quotes from other labor sources. However, it should be another $3000 to $4000 that we will need. So whatever you can send to help get the barn roof completed before winter would be greatly appreciated by ISCOWP, the old and infirm cows and Lord Krsna! Just click HERE to help out! If you would like to read more details about this project click HERE. Thank you so much!

Shyama the 23 year old protected cow at ISCOWP
Shyama is our oldest cow (23 years old) and she stays in the geriatric barn every winter.

Balabhadra’s Health

Jaya Krishna, Balabhadra & Bhakti Raghava Swami touring ISCOWP
Balabhadra showing Bhakti-Ragava Swami and Jaya Krsna (NV temple president) the circle garden.
Homegrown produce at ISCOWP
Fresh produce from the garden helps restore Balabhadra’s health.

Balabhadra, ISCOWP president and head cowherds man, is walking all over the farm these days and has recently been released from the physical therapy pertaining to his legs and lower body. As many of you know, he is recovering from Gullian-barre Syndrome which paralyzed his arms, hands and legs. He goes to another physical therapist just for his hands and upper body. His upper body has become stronger but he is still unable to use his right hand. His left hand has more strength.

Just the other day he drove the farm truck on the farm and did well but couldn’t turn the key in the truck to get it started. That should give you an idea of the limitation of his hands. As you know a great percentage of anyone’s activities are dependent on the hands. Balabhadra is still not able to live through the day without assistance. So, we are still in the position of hiring people to do a lot of the activities on the farm. He is continuing his therapy 3 days a week and everyone is hopeful for a full recovery.

Garden Bounty

Bitter Melon
Bitter Melon
Peppers, beans, zinnias and lemon cucumbers
Peppers, beans, zinnias and lemon cucumbers
Brussel sprouts
Brussel sprouts

The garden has been very productive this year. We are selling much of our produce which was the original plan when building the 9 foot deer fence around the one acre garden in 2007. The idea was to bring in additional income for ISCOWP through selling produce. Bitter Melon, tomatoes and peppers have been the produce we have been selling while we have been preparing meals from the beans, chard, eggplant, carrots, zucchini, lettuce, cucumbers, spinach and some of the Bitter Melon, tomatoes and peppers. After shopping at the supermarket we do not have many bags to carry! We have Brussel sprouts and butternut squash yet to harvest. Additional spinach, peas, lettuce, beans, carrots and beets have been planted for the fall harvest.

The weather patterns have not been very conducive for gardens in this area. Our tomatoes began to ripen about 2 weeks ago (mid August) while many gardeners are telling us their tomatoes have not ripened at all and it is getting late in the season. Therefore not all their tomatoes may ripen due to the cooler weather. Usually the tomatoes begin to ripen in July. For the first time we lost our zucchini plants to bugs as did some other local gardeners. But due to Krsna’s mercy most of the garden has been productive.

Happy Cows

There is still plenty of grass for the cows to eat and they don’t mind the cooler weather. As it is for everyone, fall is a delightful season. Read about our Adopt A Cow program at the Adopt a Cow page on the ISCOWP web site. A few cows are only adopted once. As we explain on the web site, the adoption fee does not fully cover all costs of caring for the cow. So please adopt a cow for yourself, or as a present for a dear one, or in honor of a dear one. You can learn how you can adopt and your benefits at How to Adopt A Cow.

Ganga enjoying some summer vines.
Ganga enjoying some summer vines.
Balaram tasting delicious summer leaves.
Balaram tasting delicious summer leaves.

The cows have been very happy on summer pasture. There has been a great deal less flies bothering them then any other summer. We do not know the reason except that the weather patterns have been different. Everyone remains healthy and happy.



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