This is the archive of ISCOWP Newsletters and publications.  Click on the year in the search box to see a list of topics that are featured in each issue & a link whereby you can view or download a pdf version of each issue. Herein are 26 years of newsletters with tons of information on all aspects of cow protection. For more educational information go to Resources.

Change Your Diet, Go Plant Based (Revised & Updated)

Change Your Diet, Go Plant Based

Volume 24 Issue 3

Your Matched Gift Saves Cows, Cows and their Friends, Eight Baby Calves Rescued, Old Friends Pass Away, Outreach, A Cook’s Dream, Projects

Volume 24 Issue 2

Be a Vegetarian/Krsna Dairian & Stop World Hunger Part 1: Cow Protection and Vegetarianism Part 2: Diet Change Can Save the World Our Father the Bull Part 1: How Green is Your Tractor? Part 2: Oxen Can Save the Planet. How the Cow and Bull Benefit our Society Part 1: Cow Dung and Urine, a Bio Resource Part 2: Cow Manure is an environmental Hazard, Or is it? Violence to the Cow and Bull Creates Violence to Humankind Part 1: Why September 11? Animal Slaughter= War. Part 2: The Cause of Animal Slaughter is a Godless Society

Volume 24 Issue 1

Value of Milk and Cow Protection, What Does Lord Krsna Want?, What Does Srila Prabhupada Want?, Offering Commercial Milk Products to Krsna?, Srila Prabhupada’s Incremental instructions, Establishing Cow Protection, What About the Ox?, Krsna-dairians, The Choices You Have

Volume 23 Issue 1

Diet Change, Your Matched Gift Saves Cows, Cows and Their Friends, Fencing, Baby Calves Rescued, Rudra was Hurt, Before and After; Clearing Pastures, Old Cow Shelter, Garden Bounty, Jeannie Rescued