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On Thanksgiving day, November 24, 2022, both Matching Gift Challenges, each for $25,000, have been matched by generous ISCOWP donors like YOU. We are eternally thankful to all of you. FYI, any donor can now dedicate their gift and send an e-card. We appreciate your help!

Don’t forget that ISCOWP is a 501(c3) organization; therefore, your gift is tax-deductible EIN # 23-2604082.

What You Receive

You may Adopt A Cow for a year or for life. Your adoption donation helps ISCOWP care for your cow at the ISCOWP sanctuary. You may visit your cow by making an appointment at least 48 hours in advance. Video updates of your adopted cow are sent 4 times a year via email during each year of adoption. Each adopter receives an 8″ by 10″ photo of their cow and an adoption certificate (both sent via email). Arati and treats are offered to the cows to invoke blessings for the lifetime adopter each year for six years.

Lifetime Adoption vs Annual Adoption

It costs the ISCOWP sanctuary an average of $500 to maintain a healthy cow for one year which can be paid all at once ($501) or on a monthly basis of $41.75 for 12 months.

The average lifespan of a cow is twenty years. Thus the cost to maintain a cow for its entire life is $10,000. However, when $6,325.00 is placed in our fixed deposit, that will generate enough interest to maintain a cow, and when the cow passes on, the funds remain in the ISCOWP account to maintain another cow.

Lifetime adoption is available with a one-time payment, a yearly payment for five years, quarterly payments for 12 quarters, and a weekly payment plan for 253 weeks. When your adoption donations have accumulated to $1000 during one year, you receive Arati blessings from Lord Giriraj and the cows with a video report sent to your email.

Arati blessings are given each year for six years, and updates are sent for the lifetime of the cow. Become an Annual or Lifetime Adopter by clicking the name of the cow below that you are interested in and selecting annual or lifetime.  Both plans will be available under your cow.

Here is one cow adopter’s experience
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