Bill Gates for the Cows


Facebook is partnering with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to match donations that are made on Facebook to ISCOWP (and all participating non-profits on Facebook) tomorrow, Tuesday, November 28. This is in addition to our anonymous ISCOWP donor who will also match your donation. So your donation gets matched twice!

There are three ways you can make a donation to ISCOWP on Facebook.  If you are a friend or follower of our Facebook pages you will receive a (1) fundraiser and/or (2) a post with a donate button. (3) You can visit our ISCOWP page and use the donate button directly underneath the cover photo on top of the page. Here is the link to our page: www.facebook.com/internationalsocietyforcowprotectioniscowp

ISCOWP will be raising funds to purchase nutritional buckets for the ISCOWP herd. These buckets have been helping to keep the cows healthy. The cows love licking the mix in the buckets and eagerly gather when we bring a new bucket into the field.  The cost is $3000 for one year. Don’t want to wait until tomorrow?  Give here now. It will still be matched by our ISCOWP anonymous donor.

We pray you had a blessed holiday.  The good news since the last newsletter is that $18, 180. 16 has been donated to the $25,000 Matching Gift Challenge which ends December 31. That leaves $6, 819.84 left to be donated in order to match the challenge.

Just to give you an idea of what your donations supported this year here is a slideshow “The Year in Review.”

For your information, here are the details of how the Bill Gates matching works.

The donation must be made before the total match limit is reached in order to be matched. For all U.S. nonprofits, the match limit is $2 million. For individual non-profits, the limit is $50,000. For each donate button the limit is $1000 that can be matched. The matching starts from  8 AM Eastern time tomorrow, November 28 until the $2 million is used up. Facebook is waiving its fees for processing donations from 12 AM eastern time to 6 PM eastern time tomorrow, November 28.

Thank you so much for all your help!



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