Calves rescued from the slaughterhouse.


Hare Krsna!

Just last week we had the opportunity to save two baby calves from the slaughterhouse. We had been looking for some bull calves to begin training as an ox team. Milking Shorthorn was a breed recommended by New England ox trainers because they are mellow in nature and do not grow as large as our Brown Swiss. It is easier to train new teamsters with smaller oxen and in general they are easier to handle.

Balabhadra and Dhananjaya found the two baby calves living each in a small pen. It was a dairy and the bull calves were of no value to them except for the income that could be gained by selling them for meat.

Please take a look at the following videos to meet them and view their arrival and first day at the ISCOWP farm. If you would like to adopt them, here is the web page where they can be adopted online.

Just a note, ISCOWP will be having a booth at the Rathayatra festival in Toronto. Look for us there.

We pray you are well. Thank you for all you do for cow protection!

(Irene M. Dove)
ISCOWP Co-Managing Director

Calves Rescued From the Slaughterhouse

In their pens they had very little room and could not run and jump and do all the playful things calves love to do. The calf with the heart shape on his forehead is now named Narayana and the other one is now named Nara.

After a very exciting day, the calves started to relax. Soon after this video we fed them with bottles. We are now doing that twice a day. Narayana (heart shape on forehead) was born June 19 and Nara was born June 15, 2012.



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