Cow Moos 4 U


Come and ride the tractor with us as we feed out an 800-pound bale of hay. You can learn how we prepare the bale for 24 protected cows and oxen and watch their joyous and excited reaction to the first hay feeding of the season. The weather has cooled, the grass has stopped growing and it’s hay time! Thank you for your support which has made it possible for the cows to have plenty of hay to eat! We are closing in on meeting the second $25,000 Matching Gift Challenge. Today is global “Giving Tuesday.” Please take advantage of this special day and give what you can to the cows to complete the challenge which ends by December 31.


Dhruva is known for his far-reaching tongue which he uses to give affection and acquire treats. In this photo, Jahnava Sundari is the recipient of Dhruva’s affection. Album of this visit can be seen here.
Nitai and Balaji greet Kalyan Tamal who is Dhruva Laddhu’s partner. More photos in this album here.
Sravya Prabhala getting to know her adopted cow Sri Vasanti. More photos in this facebook album here.
Sravya and Sri Vasanti. Adopt A Cow and visit your cow or ox! More photos in this Facebook album here.
Anapayini Jakupko​ getting a wet nose greeting from Akshobhya the ox while Lakshmi Devi Dove​ and Das look on the exchange. In the distance is Krshna-Rasa das and his wife Yvonne at Iscowp farm in Gainesville Florida. More photos in this album can be seen here.
Krishna-Rasa and Devakinandana the ox meet and greet each other. More photos for this album here.


ISCOWP booth at India Festival in Tampa Florida. More photos in this album here.
Lakshmi and Balabhadra discussing cow protection with visitors. The young boy is looking at a picture book of ISCOWP cows that can be adopted. Photo album can be viewed here. Over 12,000 people attended.


Today is Govatsa Dwadasi. On this day, cows and calves are honored and fed. Govatsa Dwadasi begins Diwali, the Hindu festival that...

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Today is the birthday of the most wonderful cowherd boy, Krishna. He is glorified and worshipped by devotees worldwide as the merc...