Cows’ Gift to Cows

ISCOWP’s latest video, “How to Use Cow Manure Part 2.”

We have found the use of cow manure on pastures will produce richer soil, which will yield abundant grass for the cows. Here in Florida, the soil is mostly sand, and it benefits greatly from an infusion of cow dung. Spreading the cow manure so it can absorb into the ground is key to achieving an even, rich grass field. Let us show you how we fertilize our pastures with cow manure from our protected herd of 24 cows and oxen using a ground-driven manure spreader. Cow Manure is not a farm waste. Recycle it and save the price of fertilizers.


Today begins the month of Purusottama Adhika Masa in the Vedic calendar. It is an extra month in the calendar, similar to the western leap year. Lord Krishna will personally reciprocate with a sincere devotional act such as giving in charity to the cows during this special month that appears only every three years. As of September 16, we have received $19,773.80 to meet the $25,000.00 Matching Gift Challenge! That leaves only $5,226.20 left to meet the Challenge! Thank you so much! We are grateful to you for your support! Please give to the cows and help us meet the Challenge and receive increased benefits from Lord Krishna!

In honor of ISCOWP’s 30th anniversary, we are posting photos from the past. This photo shows another use of cow dung; this biogas plant powers the entire Rajasthan Goseva Sangh located in India. This plant is practical when you have many animals closely together because the cow dung is located in one area opposed to spread out on acres of pasture.

ISCOWP visiting biogas plant at Rajasthan Goseva Sangh in 2002. Dr. Shri Brahma Datta Sharma dressed in charter and dhoti talking to Balabhadra in hat, Chayadevi wearing a blue sweater taking notes, and Labangalatika in red.

At ISCOWP, the cows roam all year round. For our situation, the biogas plant is not practical. But we can seasonally spread on the pastures cow manure we do collect from the barn and around the winter hay ring. The next video on this topic will deal with how to break down the cow dung left by the cows on pasture to feed the fields evenly and prevent flies. Although we do not have a biogas plant to power the ISCOWP sanctuary, the entire ISCOWP operation is powered by solar energy. We are taking advantage of the abundance of sun in Florida!

About Cows

In ISCOWP’s July issue, we talked about the numerous beneficial ingredients of cow dung for many human uses. How to Use Cow Manure Part 2 shows us a benefit of cow dung for the cows. Although cow dung is the most talked about, cow urine is also beneficial. In the past, we have provided cow urine for people seeking medicinal cures.

Not ghee but cow urine from ISCOWP cows.

“Cow urine has been granted US Patents (No. 6,896,907 and 6,410,059) for its medicinal properties, particularly as a bio enhancer and as an antibiotic, antifungal and anticancer agent. With regard to the latter, it has been observed to increase the potency of ‘Taxol’ (paclitaxel) against MCF-7, a human breast cancer cell line, in in vitro assays (US Patent No. 6,410,059).

These milestone achievements {stated in its article} highlight the potential role of cow urine in the treatment of bacterial infections and cancer and demonstrate that cow urine can enhance the efficacy and potency of other drugs.” Cow urine distillate as bioenhancer  by Gurpreet Kaur Randhawa.

About Meat and Dairy Industries

There is a burgeoning movement of farmers shifting away from animal agriculture to crops of all kinds. And they’re getting help from unexpected quarters. The animal rights advocacy group, Mercy for Animals (MFA) and vegan foods company Miyoko’s Creamery, have recently announced programs to help farmers make a transition away from raising livestock. The groups say the shift benefits animals and the environment while boosting farmers’ economic outlook.



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