Cows Joyful Due to You


When cows feel safe, they show their joyful nature by running, jumping, kicking their heels, playing, and licking. Listen, and you can hear their tongues licking and their hoofs pounding the earth. You can also see their relationships with their cowherds and herd mates. Thanks to all of you for helping us give these cows a joyful life far from the slaughterhouse! Your donations help ISCOWP in many ways; one is to provide the ISCOWP herd the best of care!

Together we have almost completed the Matching Gift Challenge, which ends on December 31. The complete challenge ended up being a $50,000 Matching Gift Challenge with only $3000 left to collect to meet the $50,000 goal by December 31. Help us take advantage of this opportunity to complete the $50,000 challenge. Whatever you give will be doubled in value for the cows.  Adopt A Cow, make a monthly pledge or a one-time donation, and take a look at our gifts for you. Every donation at this time will be doubled for the cows! The anonymous donor who will match your gift has made a passionate plea for “everyone to stop eating meat/fish/eggs and significantly reduce (ideally eliminate) the intake of dairy products.”

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping ISCOWP provide happiness for the ISCOWP herd and education about the “how-to” and the importance of cow protection and a diet change.

Thankfully yours,
William and Irene Dove
(Balabhadra das & Chayadevi)
ISCOWP Co-Managing Directors


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