Dhruva Laddu


Name: Dhruva Laddu
Age: 7 year old
Birthday: November 21, 2016
Breed: Brown Swiss
Herd Status: Licker and nibbler


Sweet, friendly, very intelligent, and always in a happy frame of mind. In training sessions, he learns very quickly. He was rescued from a dairy where he was soon to be sent to slaughter. He and his friend from the same dairy (Kalyan Tamal) are learning voice commands. They look very much alike except that Dhruva is a darker color. Dhruva loves apples and carrot treats and will extend his tongue an amazing length just to get the treats in his mouth. He also extends his tongue to lick humans!


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Adopted by Sangita devi dasi & Vamanadeva das
Adopted by Devahuti Seal
Adopted by Krishna’s Minnesota Adopt A Cow Club
Adopted by Andrew Alger

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