Name: Gopi
Age: 0 year old
Birthday: April 10, 2024
Breed: American Sardo Negro
Herd Status: Baby


Gopi came home to ISCOWP on 5/10/24 with her mother, Siya, and another calf, Lalita, who lost her mother to a snake bite soon after she was born. Usually, an owner does not want to give up a healthy, productive mother cow because they can continue to breed the cow and sell her babies until she can no longer produce babies. Then, when she can no longer produce babies, she is slaughtered. Currently, Siya is guarding and nursing both babies. She is very afraid of humans, and it will take time for her to trust us. Gopi is Siya's second calf.  The first one was taken away from her and sold. By adopting Gopi, you are helping us ensure she will never be bred again and again, all her babies taken from her and then slaughtered.


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Adopted by Sundeep Adhyaru and Family
Adopted by Gourilavanya Eswara and Family

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