Name: Indraneela
Age: 10 year old
Birthday: October 1, 2013
Breed: Holstein
Herd Status: Tall and handsome


We saw this little baby Holstein lying in one of the stalls with a group of sheep at the auction barn. We were afraid he would be trampled. We knew he was very young but when he came up for auction we could still see his umbilical cord hanging from his belly. We were able to purchase him and two others. They came into our trailer while so many cows were mooing in distress and fear. At first, he could not suck from the milk bottle, but a day later he sucked all the milk from his bottle expertly. He is growing into a strong, healthy boy. Both he and Anasuya were kicking their heels in joy when let out on pasture this spring. Now he has grown to be very tall with very long legs. He is gentle and friendly.


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