Kalindi Vijaya


Name: Kalindi Vijaya
Age: 11 year old
Birthday: October 1, 2012
Breed: Holstein
Herd Status: Passed away on Ekadasi 9/25/23


Very Intelligent, friendly, and enthusiastic. She was saved from a dairy when she was about to be sold for meat because her milk production was too low for the dairy to profit from. She had produced 23, 096 pounds of milk, but then she couldn’t get pregnant again, and her milk production fell below 60 pounds a day. When she got out of our trailer and landed her feet on ISCOWP land, she ran and jumped for joy all over the yard! She then played with the big bales of hay, throwing the hay all over the barn with her head! She knew she had come to a safe place. She was rescued in March 2015  and remains a positive, friendly cow.


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Adopted by Fedor & Yelena Romanovskiy
Adopted by Dinesh V. Shah
Adopted by Stephen Sorra
Adopted by Niyati Shah
Adopted by Allecia Boonzaaier
Adopted by Rahul Bajpai

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