Kalyan Tamal


Name: Kalyan Tamal
Age: 7 year old
Birthday: November 5, 2016
Breed: Brown Swiss
Herd Status: Up and coming management


ISCOWP members rescued Kalyan in December 2016 from a dairy. Males in the dairy industry are sent to the veal factory early in life or sold to the meat industry or auction barn, where the buyer will fatten them up for slaughter.  At ISCOWP, he and his friend from the same dairy (Dhruva) learned voice commands. Kalyan has affectionate relationships with Dhruva and the young cows Sri Vasanti and Draupadi. Now that the young and old herds have merged, the older males in the herd have entirely accepted him. He is strong and won't back down from a challenge from any of the other males, and thus he has earned their respect. At the same time, he is sweet and a gentleman with us humans.


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