Name: Lila
Age: 9 year old
Birthday: August 5, 2014
Breed: Holstein
Herd Status: Miss Unicorn


Lila has a special spirit, she is very energetic and loving. She is among the eight calves rescued from the auction barn in August 2014. As a young calf, she loved to run and jump around in the barn causing others to follow. She is beautiful with a sleek black coat and a white ribbon across her forehead. Friendly and sweet, she is a pleasure to associate with. As she has grown older she has developed a regal bearing and has a sophisticated air about her. In December 2022, Lila lost one of her horns. You can view the Instagram reels below for more information on how this happened.


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Adopted by Rajarshi and Vrajaraja Rathje
Adopted by Irishmoo
Adopted by Balai Dasi
Adopted by Sai Anuhya Kodimela
Adopted by Aarthi Sridharan and Anandh Sridharan
Adopted by Susan Carrick
Adopted by the Venkataramani Family

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