Name: Meenakshi
Age: 7 year old
Birthday: July 5, 2014
Breed: Jersey
Herd Status: Passed away 12/12/21


Meenakshi is the oldest of all the calves who were rescued from the auction barn in August 2014. Because she was born with water on her brain which made her head larger than normal she was not likely to have someone buy her at the auction barn. Now her head size is becoming more proportioned to her body as she grows. As a calf, she could be found jumping around the barn while the rest of the calves were taking their rest. Meenakshi has some oddities due to her early condition and is often on the outskirts of the herd. She is a sweetie and a cutie.


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Adopted by Rasa Acharya and Sachi Partin
Adopted by Saraswati dasi Woodhouse
Adopted by Priya Nair
Adopted by Nikkaila Bain
Adopted by Stephen Sorra
Adopted by Keyur and Lahari

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