Name: Nara
Age: 11 year old
Birthday: June 21, 2012
Breed: Milking Shorthorn
Herd Status: Reserved gentleman


Nara and his brother Narayana were each living in a small pen. If ISCOWP did not rescue him, he would have gone to the slaughterhouse. Both Nara and his brother Narayana are friendly and gentle when it comes to us humans. Of the two, Nara is less ambitious to have any position in the herd and likes to take life in a peaceful, calm way as a friend to all the cows and humans. Nara seriously injured himself in 2021 while jumping and tore his meniscus and ligaments. He is able to walk and move about to have a good quality of life but he has to be kept separate from his herd mates because vigorous activity is no longer safe for him. He is receiving acupuncture treatments and medication. More healing is possible.


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Adopted by Sridevi & Siva Padmanabhan
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