Sri Uddaran Datta Thakur


Name: Sri Uddaran Datta Thakur (Sri)
Age: 13 year old
Birthday: March 27, 2008
Breed: Brahman
Herd Status: Passed away Christmas eve 12/25/21


Formerly WF40, he was born into a registered Brahman herd. He is the oldest of the 3 Brahmans in the ISCOWP herd; a gentleman, introspective and kind. He will often lie down so guests can pet and massage him more easily. He is one of the official guest greeters due to his friendliness, ability to put guests at ease, and his beauty.


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Adopted by Jimmy and Taruni Devine
Adopted by Gourilavanya Eswara and Family
Adopted by Jay Patel
Adopted by Madhavan Nair

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