Name: Subhadra
Age: 2 year old
Birthday: February 13, 2022
Breed: Red Brahman
Herd Status: Drama Queen


Subhadra’s mother was an old cow (16 years old) and did not have enough milk to feed the baby she had before Subhadra. So, their owner took Subhadra from her mother because he knew she would not have enough milk for her. Subhadra’s owner wanted to sell her quickly since she would require bottle feeding and more care than other calves. When we went to pick her up, she entered the ISCOWP trailer and met Baladev, who had also lost his mother when she died in the pasture. Both Baladev and Subhadra entered ISCOWP together and are now the best of friends. She is trusting and friendly because she came to us on the first day of her life, and we bottle-fed her. We look forward to sharing Subhadra’s young life as she grows.


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Adopted by Mohan and Veena Singhal
Adopted by Saraswati dasi Woodhouse
Adopted by Keyur and Lahari Patel
Adopted by Sanjana Chintalacheruvu
Adopted by Nishidha Kumaresan
Adopted by New Jiva Patel
Adopted by Rahul Bajpai

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