Name: Vaishnavi
Age: 1 year old
Birthday: March 3, 2023
Breed: Gyr
Herd Status: Baby


Sweet. Very sweet. She came home to ISCOWP on May 20, 2023, with another calf, Surabhi. They have had very little association with humans. They were living in the forest, which in Florida means swamps and wetlands and thus alligators, etc. What's a human? Can they be trusted? Now, Vaishnavi trusts us and is friendly.  She is a protector, guarding Surabhi from the first day they both came home.


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Adopted by Sundeep Adhyaru and Family
Adopted by Venu Kandi
Adopted by Richa Arjav Trivedi
Adopted by Sahaana Rangaraj
Adopted by Subha Nistala
Adopted by Keshava Priya das

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