How are the Cows Doing?


Hare Krishna,

The end year issue of the ISCOWP News is now online. Some of you may have already received the black and white hard copy but now you can view it color in PDF file.

Winter is upon us and it is cold outside! Although we are expecting a reprieve for a few days, the temperatures have been in the twenties during the day and in the teens at night. It often feels colder due to the wind and lack of sun.

The weather conditions make it much harder to care for the cows and for the cows to remain healthy and comfortable. In this time of giving, you can help us with this challenge by contributing to the Health and Happiness of the Cows.
Thank you in advance.

We pray you all have a spiritual enlivening holiday!

(Irene M. Dove)
ISCOWP Co-Managing Director

How are the Cows Doing?

Bhima the oxen in the snow
“I went to the barnyard but there is no grass! Everything is covered with snow. I’m going back to the barn for some of that hay,” says Bhima.
Gourangi the rescued cow in the snow.
“When is this snow going to stop?” asks Gourangi.
Ganda the oxen in the feeding aisle
“Thanks Maitreya for filling the feed aisle everyday,” says Ganda

The oldest cows are in the geriatric barn where they seem to be very happy. The doors are keeping much of the cold out and Radhe Shyam, who was confined to the geriatric barn by herself, now has company. She seems to have revived and is moving about.

The rest of the herd moves about in the large barn and ventures out to the barnyard when there is a break in the weather.

You can help us take care of the cows this winter. Your donation helps us to lovingly care for the cows by providing funds for:

1) Feed,
2) Veterinary care and medicines,
3) Maintaining the cows’ barns and pastures,
4) Providing for the staff that personally cares for the cows.

To donate please click this link: Health and Happiness for the Cows. Thank you.

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