Emergency: Please Pray for Madhuha


Hare Krishna!

Madhuha is one of the rescued bull calves. He, his brother Devakinandana and six other calves were rescued in August from the terrible conditions at the auction barn and eventual slaughter. In October all the calves had a bout with a bronchial sickness from which they all recovered. Madhuha was doing fine until a week and a half ago when we found him listless. We called the vet and he said Madhuha had a heart problem and that we should get him to the animal hospital in Columbus as soon as possible.

Two days later we drove him 3 hours to Columbus. Fifteen people were there to attend to him. The diagnosis was that his lungs were weak and affected by the bronchial sickness and therefore his heart had to beat harder for him to get enough oxygen to his blood. They decided to keep him for awhile. It has now been a week that Madhuha has been in the hospital. They have given him two different antibiotics, monitored his daily weight and are keeping an eye on the fluid buildup in his abdominal cavity which they have had to drain twice. It appears now that his kidney function is also not working properly and he is retaining fluid. It doesn’t seem that they can help him although they had been hopeful they could. We called the vet today to tell him we will bring Madhuha home tomorrow. We will start a course of homeopathic remedies for him at home.

If you could please pray for his spiritual and material well being. If you would like to help with his vet bills click here.
Thank you so much for your kindness. Some pictures of Madhuha and video can be found in the next article.

Your servant and friend,
Chayadevi (Irene M. Dove)
ISCOWP Co-Managing Director

Please Pray for Madhuha

Click the picture and you will see a video of when Madhuha first came and two months later in the fall.
Click the picture and you will see a video of when Madhuha first came and two months later in the fall.
The one on the left.
Madhuha, on the left, licking his brother Devakinandana the first day they came to ISCOWP


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