Happy cows for Janmashtami


Cows spend a great deal of time eating, and when they eat well, they are very happy.

Krishna and Balaram (Krishna is sitting down, and Balaram is standing up in the photo) were living in a petting zoo. They had become too big for the petting zoo and were about to be sent to slaughter when they were saved by ISCOWP members. They lived a protected life at ISCOWP until their natural passing. They are among 35 cows who were protected by ISCOWP from early childhood through old age and during their natural passing from this world. Now an additional 24 cows are saved and protected by ISCOWP, and we need to buy hay for them to ensure their happiness.

On this auspicious day of Janmashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna, the original eternal cowherd boy, please find it within your heart to help purchase winter hay for the ISCOWP herd for a day, a week or a month. It takes about 200 bales of hay to feed the herd of 24 cows and costs about $9000. Each bale of hay weighs approximately 800 pounds and will feed the ISCOWP herd for one day. One bale costs $45.

$45 to feed the herd of 24 cows for a day

$315 to feed the herd of 24 cows for a week

$1350 to feed the cows for a month

Remember whatever you give (up to $25,000) will be doubled by our anonymous matching gift donor! Please follow this link to donate and find out about our gifts to you.

The cows and we thank you in advance and all of you who have already donated.

Your servants and friends,
Balabhadra and Chayadevi
(William and Irene Dove)
ISCOWP Managing Directors



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