Friends Like You


Due to friends like you, we were able to meet the $50.000 Matching Gift Challenge by the due date of 12/31/18. We are eternally grateful to you and humbled by your support and faith in our efforts to protect cows. We feel blessed to have friends like you. May you all have a blessed New Year!

Here are some photos of some of the friends who came to visit in 2018 which were not yet published in this e-newsletter.  Some friends were not photographed, and some photos blooped. We are now hosting guests once a month so please call or write in advance so we can coordinate our schedules. We need to have at least two staff members on hand for your safety as some of our cows weigh almost a ton and are six feet tall.

Radhapriya, graphics and web designer, with friend Delia scratching Radhika’s neck.
Kirtan Premi, inspirational kirtan singer, Nirmala, Nadia, Jitari, and Rangavati with Balabhadra massaging Sri Uddharan Datta Thakur.
Nalinikanta, a well-known Vedic astrologer, meets Lila.
Gopi Prema meeting Madhava.
Hari Kirtana, Washington DC teacher of yoga and its deeper spiritual understanding, and friends Christy and daughters, Syamala Priya and Loka meet Priya.
Elizabeth of Mantra Media Design, from Washington DC, is about to be licked by Dhruva.
Puru, from California, and Balabhadra discussing cow protection.
On tour in ATV, Gopal meets Kalyan Tamal.
Balai, from California, meets Draupadi.


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