Ganda Needs Your Help


Hare Krsna!

Once again we need YOUR help. Please read about the campaign “Ganda Needs Your Help!” and please donate what you can to help Ganda and his friends.

We were just named an “All Star” by Constant Contact who say we are a stand out from the more than 500,000 organizations that use their services.  Constant Contact looks for customers who they consider are great relationship marketers, and get the kind of results that reflect their hard work.  Thank you to everyone who has supported us!

We have just expanded our social networking for the cows. We now have a Youtube channel, ISCOWP108. We have included a few videos of some of our recent activities in this e-newsletter to give you an idea. Check out the links to our other social networking pages and become a member, comment or just take a look!

We pray you are well.Thank you for all you do for cow protection!

(Irene M. Dove)
ISCOWP Co-Managing Director

Ganda Needs Your Help!

A few days ago, Balabhadra found Ganda, a 17 year old ox, sitting at the end of the ramp that provides entry to the barn. Ganda was just sitting there looking up at the ramp. We had noticed that he would hesitate to leave the barns and to enter the barns. Now we knew why. He was afraid of slipping and falling. Apparently he had slipped and that was why he was sitting at the end of the ramp. The ramp is two feet from the ground due to erosion and when it rains there is boot sucking mud at the end of the ramp. It is just too much for Ganda due to his arthritic back legs to get through the mud and step up two feet.

We need to extend the ramps so they are level with the ground to help cows and oxen like Ganda. Half of our herd is in old age. The plan is to reinforce with stone and extend the ramps to a slight uphill location to divert the water that causes the erosion and mud. This is one project we need your help to complete. Another is replacing some fencing so Ganda and his friends are protected from roaming outside the ISCOWP farm where they may be taken away to be sold for meat. The last project is the hay barn roof which needs to be extended and replaced due to the many holes in the old recycled tin which leak water onto the hay spoiling it. The spoiled hay is not good for Ganda and his friends to eat; in fact they often refuse to eat it. To prevent waste and to ensure the health of the cows we need to replace the roof.

The total cost of these three projects is $17, 021 To see the detailed cost breakdown of these projects go to this link on the ISCOWP website. We need to complete these projects as soon as possible. The hay barn is mostly empty right now but will fill up in a couple of months with hay for the winter. Now, would be a good time to replace it. There is an immediate need to fix the fencing and the two ramps to the barn. Please give what you can as soon as you can. Our eternal thanks to you for supporting the cows! To donate to these projects and collect your premiums go to this link on the ISCOWP website. Help cows and oxen like Ganda.

Videos of ISCOWP Activities

Dhananajaya is now living at the ISCOWP farm and beginning his official ox teamster training. He had come last year on the weekends and did some training with Madhava and Keshava who are partially trained. Here Madhava is showing he remembers his commands even after Dhanajaya’s three month absence to India.

Late March all the cows were let out on pasture to enjoy the fresh, green grasses of spring.Madhavi had never pastured as she was a dairy cow and stayed in the barn all her life. This is one of her first days on pasture.

This video shows the first day all the cows were let out on spring pasture. It is also an example of a video DVD premium for any donor who gives $1000. Artik, prayers and treats are offered to the cows in your honor. See how the cows enjoy both the fresh grass and the treats!

There are more videos that were recently taken. Go to our ISCOWP 108 channel and subscribe so you can see the videos as they are posted.



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