Ganda’s Ramp Complete!


Hare Krishna!

Thanks to all of you for donating to complete these three projects: building two new ramps for the entry to the cow barns, building an extension on the hay barn and replacing the leaky hay barn roof.The cows are really enjoying the two new ramps which now affords them easier access to the barns.You can read about completing the ramps and about completing the hay barn roof and extension below.

Balabhadra held a cow protection booth at the Toronto Rathayatra and met many new friends. So much thanks to Raj Grover and family for hosting and helping in this endeavor. Next year we will be sure to have pictures.

A side note is that the garden is now pumping with tomatoes, zucchini, tomatillos, peppers, cilantro, greens and beans. Canning and drying is going on everyday. It must be the cow manure as the only fertilizer that encourages good growth. And thank the Lord for the rains that have come which have brought some green to the pastures and saved much of the garden which was suffering from the unusual, extreme dry weather.

Thank you for all you do for cow protection.

Your servant,
ISCOWP Co-Managing Director

Ganda’s Ramp Fixed!

preparing the ground for concrete
After the excavation work was done to give the new ramp its new direction, stone of various sizes was brought in and the wooden forms laid so the concrete could be poured.
Backhoe bucket filled with concrete
Balabhadra is making sure the bucket on the backhoe doesn’t get too full of concrete. We couldn’t get the cement truck close to the job site so we filled the bucket on the backhoe full of cement and transported it to where it was needed for the new ramps.
Building new ramp
Mike, Dhananjaya and Moses leveling out cement on one of the new ramps.
new ramp for cows
The larger of the two ramps is now completely filled with new cement. We will allow 24 hours for it to cure before letting the cows walk on it. The line in the cement shows where the original ramp ended with a two foot drop to the ground.
Vishaka tries out the new ramp.
First Vishaka, then Madhava and then Ganga walk down the new ramp.

Barn Roof is Up!

hay barn roof extended
The 20 foot 6′ by 6′ upright posts have been put into place and now the rafters are being put into place with proper spacing.
Mike & John screwing on roof
The rafters and nailers have been put into place and the new tin roof is being screwed down by Mike and John
new roof
The tin roof on the extension is up and now the side walls for the extension are being nailed into place to keep the rain from getting the hay wet.
putting on the new roof
The next part of the project was taking the old leaky tin off the hay barn roof and replacing it with new tin. Here Dhananajya and John are passing up pieces of new tin for the roof. We are now addressing the peeling paint on the hay barn as well as two other buildings.
old tin heading to recycling place
The new extension is finished. The new tin roof for the hay barn is complete and all the old tin has been loaded onto the trailer and will be taken to the recycling facility.

Garden is Pumping!

Balaji picks a ripe tomato
Three year old Balaji knows a ripe tomato when he sees it.
Balabhadra cooking the garden tomatoes.
Balabhadra cooking the garden tomatoes.
Cutting peppers to be frozen in bags for winter.
Cutting peppers to be frozen in bags for winter.
Canning the tomatoes for winter meals.
Canning the tomatoes for winter meals.


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