Give Joy to Radhika


Today is Radharani’s birthday. She is the topmost devotee of Lord Krishna and very dear to Him.  It is only through the compassion of devotees that one can obtain Lord Krishna’s grace. Since Srimati Radharani is the topmost devotee and very merciful and compassionate  She is prayed to, and gifts of charity are given in her honor on this day to receive Her mercy.

Radhika (another name for Radharani) was one of eight calves at the auction barn about to be sold for meat in the summer of  2014.  ISCOWP saved the eight calves and brought them home. At the auction barn, numbered stickers were glued to their bodies. Their numbers were their identities. For the people at the auction, the calves were mere numbers; a commodity only exploited for profit. For ISCOWP members these calves have names, they are extraordinary, and each has a unique soul. They are to be loved and protected.

Four years later Radhika is a social butterfly, especially with humans. Most of the time she loves to greet guests and lick them whenever she can in return for some affectionate pets and scratches. Like most cows, she loves to eat and is joyful when her stomach is full.

Radhika is receiving affection from guests.

Radhika was joyful this summer with lots of luscious grass to eat. Winter is coming, and there will not be enough grass for Radhika and her friends. You can keep Radhika joyful and receive Radharani’s mercy by helping ISCOWP purchase winter hay on this auspicious day.  ISCOWP members, like yourself, have already gifted $6000 to feed the ISCOWP herd of 24 cows.  We have begun to purchase hay but need another $3000 to acquire the full amount of hay needed.

Each bale of hay weighs approximately 800 pounds and will feed the ISCOWP herd for one day. One bale costs $45.

$45 to feed the herd of 24 cows for a day

$315 to feed the herd of 24 cows for a week

$1350 to feed the cows for a month

Remember whatever you give (up to $25,000) will be doubled by our anonymous matching gift donor! Please follow this link to donate and find out about our gifts to you.

Radhika shows her gregarious nature in the following video about how a two-year-old can develop love for cows. This video will also show you how Radhika and her friends enjoyed the luscious green summer pastures.

Thanks to everyone for your help! Happy Radhastami!

Your servants and friends,
Balabhadra and Chayadevi
(William and Irene Dove)
ISCOWP Co-Managing Directors



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