Good News, Sad News


You did it! You met and completed the Matching Gift Challenge on 9/22/23! Congratulations to all! Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. You encourage us with your help!

Thank you to all of you from all the cows at ISCOWP.

And the news on the Feed the Cow Campaign started on September 6 is that $10,586.40 has come in to meet the $18,750.00 goal. Again, your generosity is amazing! Thank you so much!

Feed the Cows Campaign

We recently received our first installment of hay. Because of the lack of rain, we might be feeding hay out earlier than usual. Without the rain, the pasture grasses will not grow. It now takes about 250 bales of hay to feed the herd of 23 cows for one year, costing $18,750. Each hay bale weighs approximately 800 pounds and will feed the ISCOWP herd for one day. Since COVID, each bale’s cost has gone up from $50 to $75. This year, the price has remained at $75.

Hay delivery to ISCOWP from Misty Morning Hounds, our neighbor.
 Staff member Lakshmi had her first experience of moving the hay under roof.

You can help purchase winter hay for the ISCOWP herd for a day, a week, or a month.

One bale costs $75.
$75 to feed the herd of 23 cows for a day
$525 to feed the herd of 23 cows for a week
$2,100 to feed the cows for a month

Please follow this link to donate. For those ISCOWP members of Hindu belief, now and through October 14 is a special time to give charity to the cows to help loved ones who have passed away reach a happy destination. This period is called Pitru Paksha. We will provide milestone update reports for the Feed the Cows Campaign on the donate page,  Adopt A Cow page, and in upcoming e-newsletters. Thank you!

Sad News: Kalindi Vijaya Has Passed Away

On Monday, September 25, Ekadasi, Balabhadra was making his usual morning cow and fence check. Then he found Kalindi down. She was alive but very still, with no signs of struggle around her. He petted her and recited the Hare Krishna mantra to her. Then, he went quickly to get help. When he returned about 15 minutes later, she had passed away.

We called the vet, and she came within half an hour. She could find no obvious reason for her passing. She did an autopsy to run clinical tests that might give some answers. It will be about a week before all the tests will be done. We buried her Monday evening, covered with a Harinama charter, a pavitra garland from Lord Nrsimgha diety in ISKCON Mayapur, and sprinkled with holy water from sacred rivers in India.

The vet has a few speculations as to what happened, but she feels it is best to wait for the test results before venturing an analysis. We do know that her passing was quick, as the area around her was untouched and completely clean. So, she was one of the lucky souls who did not have to suffer much to go on to greener pastures. Before passing, she happily lived her life as usual with no signs of difficulty.

Kalindi Vijaya in March 2023.

We are sorry we can not definitively explain what caused her to pass away. We would like to know, too. It has been a shock to everyone here. Our policy in times like this is to transfer an adopter’s existing adoption to another cow of the adopter’s choice. I am sorry to have brought you such sad news.

Kalindi Vijaya’s joyful, kind, and generous nature will be remembered. The popular video posted here from YouTube (143K views) exemplifies her nature well. She was saved from a dairy when she was about to be sold for meat because her milk production was too low for the dairy to profit from. She had produced 23,096 pounds of milk, but then she couldn’t get pregnant again, and her milk production fell below 60 pounds a day. When she got out of our trailer and landed her feet on ISCOWP land, she ran and jumped for joy all over the yard! Then she played with the big bales of hay, throwing the hay all over the barn with her head! She knew she had come to a safe place. She was rescued in March 2015. May we gather together in spirit to pray for her continued peaceful and happy journey.



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