Good News


Good News. All the funds needed to purchase winter hay have been donated! Thank you so much! The barn is almost filled as we purchase the hay. Also, a little more than half of the Matching Gift Campaign of $25,000 has been met! Thank you all so much!

Each bale weighs 800 pounds and will feed the ISCOWP herd of 24 cows for a day.

Training Oxen by Voice Commands Lesson 5 To Stand

We are back again with the Training Oxen by Voice Commands series. Here is lesson 5 which deals with the how-to and importance of teaching your oxen to stand. This time Kalyan Tamal is the ox in training, and again Balabhadra das (William E. Dove) is the trainer. Kalyan and Dhruva, both rescued from a dairy where they were about to be slaughtered, are the ox team in training. They live at the ISCOWP sanctuary where they are in training to show how intelligent they are and how they have a role to play in the family farm. They need not be slaughtered.

You can view all 5 lessons here.   Balabhadra (William E. Dove ISCOWP president) is also teaching Ramananda Raya, a young devotee at ISKCON Alachua, Florida, to train their young team of oxen. Abhay das from Mayapur India is here now to learn about training oxen by voice commands from Balabhadra. Also, Balabhadra will be teaching a week-long ox seminar to be held at the ISKCON Hungary farm community in April 2019. At this farm community, no commercial dairy products are consumed. We will be reporting to you on these developments in the future e-newsletters.



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