Goodbye West Virginia, Hello Florida


We are happy to announce ISCOWP is officially in Florida. We found the Florida property in March and by December 5 we have successfully moved all the 24 cows, equipment, ourselves and possessions to Florida. We sold our West Virginia farm to ECO-Vrindaban, Inc. which has as one of their stated goals cow protection and agriculture. We are most happy that the farm we spent 20 years developing is to be used for the purposes we developed it for. Caitanya Bhagavat and his wife Hari Bhakti who were living on the property and helping us with the move will remain on the property caring for a few oxen.  Caitanaya Bhagavat learned about ox training from Balabhadra and will continue that activity at the West Virginia farm. We wish them all the best.

As Caitanya Bhagavat and Hari Bhakti said while we were leaving. “You developed this farm so others can use it for cow protection and now you will develop another farm in Florida which will be carried on after you for the same purposes.” Actually, to help others become established on cow protection farms has been one of our goals.  We would like to mention that last year’s interns Fil and Sukhayanti acquired a wonderful farm in Canada and are now protecting a six cows and oxen along with twin baby girls.

The key word from now on is “development.” We are moving full speed ahead with making plans for the development of gardens, orchards, a barn for sick and injured cows and new rescued cows, hay storage, facility for where guests can meet the cows, paddock development, canning and drying workshop, expanded water system and alternative energy, just to name a few.  We will keep you informed of progress in these areas.

We (staff) are living in a small mobile home until the ISCOWP center is completed which is slated for February.  Most of our belongings including the office are in storage on the property. When the center is completely built and we move into it we will be officially open for guests.

We so greatly appreciate your continued support in this transition. With you we have been able to protect cows for 25 years. Without you none of our activities would be possible. We are eternally grateful and humbled. Thank you.

May you all have a blessed holiday season and New Year.

The following is a slideshow of the ISCOWP  Year in Review 2015.



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