Gourangi Went to Greener Pastures


Hare Krishna!

Gourangi passed away May 9. We greatly miss her, she had been with us since a baby which was about 18 1/2 years ago. Read more about her in the article Gourangi Went to Greener Pastures.Watch joyous running, jumping, kicking heels and lots of affectionate licking among the rescued cows at ISCOWP. You can also read about their history in the same article. We were able to have a cow information booth at the Festival of Inspiration at New Vrindavan. Watch a short slideshow of ISCOWP’s educational efforts there. Please help us to expand our efforts.

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Gourangi Went to Greener Pastures

The video we published about the cows’ first day on spring pasture showed artik and treats being offered to the cows. After the ceremony, Gourangi and the rest of the cows were let out on pasture. Gourangi was having trouble with arthritis in her legs. She kept up with the herd as they went out on pasture although she was moving very slowly. The video even showed her receiving a treat while on pasture.

A few days after, we found her sitting in the lower pasture unable to get up. We knew we had to move her as there are coyotes in the woods. The slideshow in this article shows how we moved her to the shelter for old cows that was built last year. Indraneela and Anasuya (the two calves rescued at the auction barn last fall) were happy to have her company. They often snuggled with her. Since Indraneela and Anasuya were taken from their mothers at an early age, we think they perceived Gourangi as a mother figure.

Gourangi was 19 years old which would make her 95 years old in human years.She was unable to get up and became weaker. She listened to Srila Prabhupada chanting the Hare Krsna mantra and singing bhajans and received dust from Govardhan Hill in Vrindavan, India.

Gourangi passed away Friday, May 9. Balabhadra checked in on her Thursday night and when he checked her Friday morning she had passed away.

The whole time Indraneela and Anasuya, the two calves saved from the slaughterhouse, were with her.

We were able to bury her the same day in an area that was a little past the old cow shelter where she passed.

We are saddened that Gourangi has left, but we remind ourselves that she had a good, happy, long life roaming the pastures at the ISCOWP farm. She was also fortunate to have the company of Indraneela and Anasuya in her last days. The sound of Srila Prabhupada chanting the Hare Krsna Mantra and bhajans was always with her in her last days which is very auspicious for her soul’s spiritual journey.

She will be affectionately remembered for the rascal glint in her eyes. In her youth she was a breakout artist for we could never figure out how she would get on the other side of the fence. She lead some of the other cows in some of these breakouts and the glint in her eyes told us how proud she was of her empowerment. When springtime came and she and the other cows were let out on pasture, she was one to kick her heels and run in joy. In her later years, she slowed down due to the aging process and specifically arthritis in her legs. As she became more mature she was very motherly and caring for the younger female cows in the herd.


Rescued Cows Living the Good Life

Take a look at our Adopt A Cow Program and Adopt A Cow today to support cow protection and a deserving soul. Every adopter receives a video update of their cow quarterly. We are in the process of providing videos on the ISCOWP web site Adopt A Cow program for all the cows and having a playlist for each cow on our Youtube channel ISCOWP108.

Anasuya was so happy to get out of the barn and onto the pasture. She ran, jumped and kicked her heels in joy. The winter was long and harsh and the warm temperatures and green grass were like heaven. She may be a little hesitant when meeting new people but not very much and charmed some students from Hanover College when they came for a visit to the ISCOWP farm. She also is kind as we learned when we put Gourangi in the Old Cow Shelter that Anasuya and Indraneela were using. Anasuya stuck close as Gourangi passed away. Healthy and pretty (who would have known by the way she looked when she was rescued), Anasusya is living the good life at the ISCOWP farm as a protected cow. Check out the video of when she first came to ISCOWP.

Vegan Indira ventured onto spring pasture for the first time in her life. She seemed a bit overwhelmed at first but eventually found the green grass which she ate enthusiastically. Now she can be seen eating and then sitting with a very satisfied look, most likely from a full tummy. She is also getting to know the other members of the herd for the first time. In this video, Krishna the ox can be seen gently licking Vegan Indira. She seems a bit uninterested but that is because the green grass is an exotic first time treat for an ex dairy cow like herself. It is turning out she is friendly to all and guests like to pet her and be with her. Vegan Indira was rescued from the dairy in December 2013. Here is the video of her coming home to ISCOWP.

Madhavi was saved from the dairy industry and is now enjoying her third time on spring pasture. She really likes the Brown Swiss brothers Madhava and Kesava. In this video you can see her lovingly licking Madhava. Her tail was cut off in the dairy she came from and she is at a disadvantage because cows use their tails to swish the flies away. She uses her tongue and cleverly throws grass on her back to rid herself of flies and other bothersome bugs and itches. She loves the green grass as most of her life she did not have such a luxury. She remains healthy and happy.


This is the follow up and shows how Indraneela is doing 6 months after being saved from the auction barn. When he first came home he didn’t even know how to suck on a milk bottle and then we knew he was taken from his mother the minute he was born and brought to the auction barn. Now see him jumping and running in joy at the chance to roam freely. He is also friendly to humans which requires some trust and we are so glad he feels that he can trust the humans here at the ISCOWP farm. You can see the video of when he first came here.

Krishna is well and happy. He is very happy that the long, harsh winter is over and he can pasture on spring grasses once again. He was a bit thin when we first let him out on spring pasture, but is now noticeably gaining weight. During the winter he grows a thick red coat of hair and you can see in this video how his hair sheds and he becomes a light fawn color. Vegan Indira, the cow recently saved from the dairy industry, has attracted his attention and he can be seen affectionately licking her in this video. She seems to be a bit disinterested but that is because the fresh, green grass she is eating is a rare luxury for a dairy cow like herself. Krishna can also be seen licking Priya, the soon to be head man.

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ISCOWP Educational Outreach


ISCOWP had a booth at the Festival of Inspiration. We distributed literature about cow protection and brought interested people to meet the cows. Please help ISCOWP do more educational outreach programs. Donate here. Thank you.

Thanks to Gopa – Kisore (Karl Sadowski) for the beautiful photo (above) of Jordana and Balabhadra massaging Sri the ox.



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