Great News


The Matching Gift Challenge goal of $25,000 has been met! Congratulations and thanks to all of you! And now there are enough funds also for the nutritional red buckets for the cows!

We won’t know if donations to ISCOWP on facebook were matched until December 15. The 2 million for matching donations to all participating non-profits ran out before the day was ended. If those donations get matched we are at $30,000.

Our ISCOWP anonymous donor has been inspired to offer another $25,000 Matching Gift Challenge to be matched by December 31. Any amount we can collect up to $25,000 will be matched!

One immediate need we have is grain for the babies. We feed grain to the calves for the first couple of years of their lives to give them strength and nutrition for bodybuilding. This is particularly important when the calves are taken from their mothers early in life. The cost for the grain for one year is $3000. Below is a video of the babies eating their grain. If you haven’t donated this year yet or would like to give more please click this link on our website.

Hari the Ox Star

In a previous newsletter, we mentioned we have video footage of some of the events we went to and what we did there. We also mentioned as soon as we could create a video from the footage we would publish it. This video shows Balabhadra (ISCOWP president William E. Dove) with students Chaitanya Connor and Hari the ox. The location is at our old farm in West Virginia now owned by ECOV-Vrindaban. The occasion was the meeting of the North American ISKCON Farm Conference. Showing what Hari can do in his first stages of training was the emphasis of the Ox Training Seminar Balabhadra gave. The purpose of training oxen is to defeat the widespread opinion that the ox/steer is useless unless sold for meat.



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