Great News


Wow! fresh grass for Meenakshi and Anasuya and they know where it is! Out of the back pasture, through the first gate, through the second gate and to the front pasture and heaven. The goal of cow protection is to keep the cows happy and cows are happy when they have plenty to eat.  There is nothing like fresh grass to fill a cow’s stomach and make a cow happy.

The weather is beginning to change as Fall approaches. We still have plenty of grass in the pastures but the rains are not as plentiful. Depending on the weather patterns we can begin to feed out hay in the middle of October. And due to your generosity about half the hay (125 bales) we need is now in the ISCOWP barn.  That is all our barn can hold and the rest of the hay is being held for us by our neighbor Misty Morning Hounds in their barn. We buy all our hay from them. We will have a video for you of the hay delivery when the cow’s start eating the hay.

Mac from Misty Morning Hounds and Balabhadra das (William E. Dove) from ISCOWP with the first delivery of hay. ISCOWP is powered by solar power.
ISCOWP barn before hay delivery.
ISCOWP barn after hay delivery.

Again, due to your generosity, the cows are enjoying their nutritional buckets and the benefits of fly predators.

Devaki and Priya over the nutritional bucket early in the morning.
Padmaganda loves the nutritional buckets.

The good news isn’t over yet. Since its inception on August 2, The Matching Gift Challenge collected $20,596.47. This leaves only $4, 404.00 left to meet the challenge of $25,000.00. If we can reach the $25,000.00 goal before the middle of October our anonymous donor will match another $25,000.00 to be met by the end of the year. Our next newsletter will explain about ISCOWP’s educational projects and goals which funding will help expand. Please help us meet the Matching Gift goal and thank you!



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