Happy Cows

The latest ISCOWP video, “Happy Cows Lick, Moo, Jump and Run.”

Current world events are depressing, but the cows are oblivious to the news. As long as they have plenty to eat and pasture to roam, they remain happy. Lift your spirits by virtually spending time with happy cows. By nature, cows are usually calm and peaceful. When cows are happy, they can run, jump, and moo. They may lick you or another cow to show affection. Take a look at the ISCOWP cows and enjoy!


ISKCON Youth Ministry came to visit in 2005.

Last year was ISCOWP’s 30 anniversary. Due to the COVID_19, we quietly celebrated, and instead of an event, we posted a photo from ISCOWP’s past in every e-newsletter. By popular demand, we are continuing to post photos from the past, but now we will try to include ISCOWP cows who have passed away. In addition to the 24 cows we have now, ISCOWP has protected 37 cows until their natural passing. We have also been fortunate to place 15 cows in loving homes. The picture above shows Krishna and Balaram, rescued from a petting zoo,  meeting the ISKCON Youth Ministry.  Two devotees went to visit the zoo and found out that Krishna and Balaram were about to be sold to slaughter because they were growing too big for their zoo pen. The devotees asked us if we had room for them, and we did. Krishna passed away in West Virginia, and Balaram passed away five years ago. It is always heart-wrenching when our cows pass, and we miss them very much.

About Cows

Devaki & friends relaxing in the winter pasture after eating hay. Balaji Dove photo.
Kalyan and his friends have plenty of clean water to drink. Photo by Balaji Dove.

Cows will do just fine in the winter if they have plenty to eat and sufficient water to drink. Cows have thick skin and a coarse coat, which grows into a thicker winter coat for the colder months. We noticed when it is most cold, the cows eat and drink more to keep their heat generation up. Of course, in Florida, it doesn’t get as cold as in the northern parts of the country. So our cows are not challenged as much as they were in West Virginia to keep warm during the winter.

About the Dairy and Meat Industries

“…. since the pandemic began, we’ve seen more investment activity among startups developing alternative proteins,” said Jake Matthews, intelligence analyst at CB Insights. “Food retailers are facing a range of supply chain disruptions, particularly in the meat category — and alternative proteins like plant-based meats provide a way for grocers to diversify their supply.”

During the first three months of 2020, US producers of plant-based meat, egg and dairy alternatives raised $741 million, according to The Good Food Institute, a Washington-based non-profit.

“Investors have seen the market opportunity and are moving to capitalize on a global shift in the way meat is produced,” said Caroline Bushnell, associate director of corporate engagement for The Good Food Institute. “This record-level investment will bolster the industry and support continued growth and innovation for the long term, ensuring that alternative protein companies have the resources to grow and thrive, particularly during times of short-term market volatility.” Food Business News



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