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Watch the arrival of two baby calves at ISCOWP by clicking the pic or link.

Two baby calves have come home to ISCOWP! They will now live their lives far from the slaughterhouse. We thank you, our ISCOWP friends and supporters, with a call out to Sundeep Adharayu, for providing the funds for their rescue.

Countless calves are born into the dairy, meat, and breeding industries, destined for a life of pain and suffering. By adopting one of these calves, or any cow in the ISCOWP herd, you help us care for them, show an example of cow protection, spread the benefits of diet change, and give the cow you adopt a peaceful and joyous life!

You Can Now Name a Calf

In the previous e-newsletter, we mentioned one of the calves, Little Baby Girl, needed a name. She has received a lifetime adoption from Krishna’s Minnesota Adopt A Cow Club and now has the name, Surabhi! What a great idea, forming a club to Adopt a Cow! Thank you so much!

Watch the reel of Little Baby Girl 2 making friends. Click the pic or link.

You now have the opportunity to adopt Little Baby Girl 2 for life and name her! A Lifetime Adoption helps us care for a cow for their entire lifetime which can be 20 years or more. You can watch a reel of Little Baby Girl making friends at ISCOWP.

Adoption Options

In addition to lifetime adoption, we have two more adoption options. One is the Ongoing Adoption with monthly, quarterly, or annual recurring payments until you cancel. The other option is the One Year Adoption with recurring payments for one year, monthly or quarterly.

All adoptions help us care for the cow you adopt. The benefit of an Ongoing Adoption is that you do not need to readopt every year. When you want to stop, we can cancel for you, or you can cancel with your credit card. You can find more adoption option details on the Adopt A Cow webpage.

Surabhi, the first day she came home. Click the pic or link of when she first took a bottle.

Whatever adoption option you wish to give to help us care for these calves and cows at ISCOWP will be greatly appreciated. Also, any donation will help and is greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for your generosity! Surabhi and Little Baby Girl 2 are available for adoption, along with all the other cows in the ISCOWP herd. By adopting a cow, you help us give a cow a peaceful and happy life loved by you and the ISCOWP staff.

Our Beloved Madhava Passes On to Greener Pastures

On Saturday, April 22, our grandson Bhima saw Madhava the ox down while riding his bicycle. He immediately ran into the house to notify us all. We all left the house as quickly as possible and ran to Madhava.

He was bloated and trying to sit up. We immediately called the vet. Within the hour, a vet showed up with an assistant and put a tube down his throat with liquids to relieve him of the bloat. Next, the plan was to turn him over, which is a huge feat as he is over a ton. We called our neighbor Scott and his son, and they came immediately. They efficiently rolled Madhava over, and he immediately threw up.  After that, Madhava was happy and content.

Everyone was happy. The vet did hint she thought there was an underlying problem as he did not react as a bloated cow usually does. Since he looked so happy, we all decided to let him recuperate and watch him carefully for the next few days.

William E. Dove (Balabhadra das) and Madhava in February 2018. Please view the video of Madhava’s life by clicking the pic or link.

Early the next morning, we found him down again. However, he was not bloated. We called the vet again. When she came, she pointed out the signs of a serious underlying problem and that he was weak. There was a choice to do some procedures with needles, tests, etc., to discover the underlying problem. However, there was no guarantee that the procedures would help him or that the underlying problem could be resolved. Also, we felt we didn’t want to put him through unnecessary pain and discomfort. He was about 74 years old in human years, and he was looking quite weak, making no effort to sit up. So, we decided not to do any procedures and to keep him as comfortable as possible.

During Madhava’s ordeal, we had been chanting to him, but now we placed an ongoing recording of Srila Prabhupada chanting next to him. Then we put a Nrsimgha Kavacha around his horns and water from the Saraswati river on his lips. Within the hour, he passed away.

We all had his association since he was a baby 15 1/2 years ago, and we will miss him terribly. We will remember him for his kindness and compassion for unpopular or ill cows and his “big brother” censorship of the younger oxen. Because he had a massive body, when he blessed a guest with a greeting, they were all impressed and never forgot him. Like the vet said, “What a noble cow, what a noble life he has led.”



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