Hawaii Oxen Training


Hare Krishna!

ISCOWP was sponsored by LEAF Hawaii to teach ox training in one of their educational programs for self sufficiency based on the land. Balabhadra was a chief contributor to the curriculum for the program. On the island of Oahu, where the program was held, there were no available ox teams. To provide some hands-on, living classroom experience, Balabhadra and I were brought to the Big Island of Hawaii to Mangala dasi’s cow protection homestead. Mangala’s daughter Candrakanta and her friend Gourangi Jones were in the beginning stages of training a young team. The idea was for Balabhadra to help Candrakanta and Gourangi with his knowledge and for myself to film the workshop for the class in Oahu and for future reference.You can view 3 video clips of that workshop here. There is much more video footage of the workshop that I will eventually edit into one video.

Besides the workshop there were slideshows and discussions of cow protection during several days of the LEAF Hawaii program, at the ISKCON Hawaii temple and the home program of Shri Krishna and Hema Sarkar. We will be releasing the links to the presentations and recordings of these talks and events in the near future.We humbly thank everyone for their gracious hospitality.

Thank you for all you do for cow protection.

Your servant,
ISCOWP Co-Managing Director

Cow Protection Discussions

ox training powerpoint presentation
One of the ISCOWP powerpoint/slideshow presentations narrated by Balabhadra.
Srila Prabhupada's room in Hawaii
In Srila Prabhupada’s room at the Hawaii temple there was a discussion with Balabhadra about the ethicalness of purchasing commercial dairy milk to be offered to the Deities and the devotees. Video clip to be coming soon.

Hawaii Ox Training Videos

ISCOWP was sponsored by LEAF Hawaii to teach an ox training course through one of its educational programs of which Balabhadra was a chief curriculum contributor. The highlight of this course was an ox training workshop with Candrakanta dasi in the Hilo area of the Big Island, Hawaii. This video is the very beginning of the workshop.

Candrakanta and Gourangi are yoking up Muni and Shambu to train with Balabhadra’s help.

Candrakanta gives pointers to workshop attendee Clinton during the last day of the ox training workshop.



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