In the Yoke!


Hare Krishna!

Thank you all for your help last year! Together we extended and completed the cow ramps to and from the barn, replaced and extended the leaky hay barn roof and saved Nara and Narayan from slaughter. With your help, we were also able to continue the everyday activities of protecting the cows and land at the ISCOWP farm. Thank you so much!

Take a peek at the video about training Nara and Narayana to the yoke. This is the first in a series of instructional videos with Balabhadra as the teacher.

While in Hawaii last year, Balabhadra and members of the Hawaii temple had a discussion about the Milk Issue. Part 1 and Part 2 of this discussion are now on our ISCOWP108 YouTube channel. You can view them now by clicking the video links in this update.

The Wish List is almost completed. If you would like to help us fulfill the list please read about the Wish List and donate here.

We are now offering cow dung patties!Thank you so much for all you do for cow protection.

Your servant,
ISCOWP Co-Managing Director

In the Yoke!

Got Milk?



Need Cow Dung?

cow dung patties drying in the greenhouse
Finished cow dung patties and the ring cut from a pipe that Balabhadra uses to make them.The heat of the greenhouse dries them (in the spring, summer and fall).
For Govardhana Puja we made Govardhan Hill out of dung patties.

Cow dung patties are used for fuel in the fire for Vedic ceremonies. We are selling them for $.50 a patty plus shipping. All our cow patties are made from dung from the ISCOWP herd. Just drop us an email if you would like some.



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