Let’s Tell Them About Cows


A different perspective about the cow other than a product to eat and utilize for milk and leather takes educational outreach.

Some current ISCOWP outreach:

Gainesville VegFest

We were so glad we could attend the first local Gainesville, VegFest and meet many new friends. We are new to the area and many people did not know we were here. A larger crowd attended than expected and everyone was glad to meet like-minded people. Thank you all for stopping by our booth and offering help and encouragement. This coming month of May, we are planning to have a booth at a couple of Hare Krishna Ratha Yatra festivals: May 6th Clearwater Beach and May 28th Daytona Beach. Learn more about these events at Festival of Chariots web page.

ISCOWP meeting local animal lovers and vegans.

Literature to Help The Cows

Current newsletter for distribution.  You can read the newsletter here. If you would like some booklets to distribute let us know and we will send you some. 

For Our Hindu and Hare Krishna Friends

William E. Dove (Balabhadra das) was flown to Silicon Valley to counsel the development of a new cow protection project. At the ISKCON Silicon Valley temple he gave a class about the cows. He also gave a similar class at the ISKCON Orlando temple in March.

For Everyone-Updated and New T-shirts

Besides the new t-shirts we now have all t-shirts in sizes from small to xlarge. You can take a look at our online store.

You Can Purchase a Stop The Murder t-shirt here.
You can Purchase an Ox Power t-shirt here.

Visitors to ISCOWP Learn About the Cows

University of Florida students living at Krishna House visit with Sri Vasanti.

For Our Vegan Friends

Every so often, the Facebook page Best Videos You Will Ever See edits one of our videos from our YouTube channel ISCOWP 108 and re-posts it giving us credit. They get far more views for these videos then we do for the originals. Here is one they edited which has so far gotten 351,656 views and 8.6K likes not to mention many comments as of this posting. We must say they did a good job of editing. You can view it here. In case you wanted to view the original video here it is.




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