Madhavi Comes Home!


Hare Krishna

Maddy (Madhavi) has finally come home! She arrived Saturday, December 17. Thanks to Judy Gross for initiating the rescue of Madhavi and all her work in finalizing the needed tests to cross the border and arranging for transport. Also, thanks to the Champaka Mala and Ananda Subramanian for naming her and all the ISCOWP members that gave to saving Madhavi and providing for her continued care.

Upon meeting Madhavi, we could understand what Judy was saying when she wrote that Madhavi needed a break. Her milk bag was huge and her hips bony, her tail was cut off and she walked gingerly as if she didn’t get much exercise.  Judy was telling me that one of the three cows she saved was a milking cow too. Her hips filled out and her bag shrunk when she was dried up.  So, we have hopes for Madhavi to become strong and healthy and happy. Unlike our cows, she has no winter coat yet from being inside all the time. We are keeping the barn doors closed so she doesn’t get cold. Next year she should have a winter coat as she will be outside a lot and will have time to acclimate to the winter weather.

Madhavi came from a kinder dairy than most and still one can see the suffering for the cow in the business of commercial milk. If you haven’t already, please read the current issue of the ISCOWP News in pdf file online whose articles address the issue of “Blood Milk vs Ahimsa Milk” and” Is Your Milk Ahimsa Milk?

You can see a photo album of Madhavi coming home HERE.

You can see a short video of Madhavi entering the barn HERE.

Another short video of Madhavi heading for the feed aisle HERE.

We pray this letter find you well.

Yours, Chayadevi
ISCOWP Co-Managing Director

Madhavi Comes Home

Judy & Madhavi the rescued dairy cow.
Judy helping Madhavi get settled in.

“Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for opening your home (well, barn – LOL) to Maddy! I was thrilled to see how wonderfully your cows are cared for. I knew I was leaving her in very good hands – the BEST! Love to you all.’ – Judy

Offering Arati to rescued dairy cow, Madhavi
Dhananjaya performing artik to Madhavi to officiate her name changing and to honor those ISCOWP members who gave to save and maintain Madhavi.

“To me the position of Mother Cow is so beautiful and merciful. Maddy/Madhavi has come from a very intense and thankless life of a commercial dairy cow. She was not really seen as anything but a serial number to be measured in gallons of milk and dollars and cents. It is so nice to see her have the life she deserves as a wonderful Krsna Dasi. Because she is so merciful she naturally takes to her service of reminding us of Krsna and His pastimes with His lovely cows. Thank you Madhavi!” – Dhananjaya



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