Executive Director

Chayadevi (Irene M. Dove)

I have written and compiled the ISCOWP News for 25 years, maintained for the past 20 years,  ISCOWP’s monthly e-newsletter since 2009, and ISCOWP’s social media platforms, Facebook (since 2009), YouTube (since 2011), and Instagram since 2019.  Sometimes I receive feedback that these efforts have touched or helped people either become involved in cow protection, make a diet change, or learn practical cow protection skills. This makes me very happy. I plan to continue and increase these services and begin to write and publish literature on the “How To” of cow protection as well as literature that will move people to either become more involved in cow protection and /or make a diet change supportive of cow protection. I pray also to be able to continue ISCOWP correspondence and fundraising.

Chayadevi studied to be an art teacher for grades 1-12 and the knowledge gained in this field has helped in public relations displays, social media communications, and newsletter publication.