Protect the Cows, Build the Barn Roof!


Hare Krishna,

This year marks the 20th year since ISCOWP has been incorporated. When we first started ISCOWP we could never have imagined the road we were to travel down; the experiences, heartaches, desperations and joys that caring for cows would bring us. The greatest part of the past 20 years has been you are supporters who have made it possible for us to travel this road. ISCOWP is totally supported by individual donations, and it is you who can take credit for the last 20 years of ISCOWP and its future. Every donation we receive reminds us of your participation and support and how wondrous it is that you have trusted us to properly utilize your gift for the cows. We look forward to another 20 years of cow protection with you traveling down the road by our side. Thank you for all you do.

(Irene M. Dove)
ISCOWP Co-Managing Director

Protect the Cows, Build the Barn Roof!

Do you think the roof might collapse? That was the question and fear this winter with the continual heavy snowfall during February.

It has been apparent for years that the old barn roof needed help. The old barn was built in the mid 1960’s when the farm was owned by the Ramineck family. Since then most of the roofing material has not been replaced. We have been patching the roof as needed, discovering more paper thin tin each year. Leaks are obvious along the support posts and on the barn floor. It is now quiet apparent that the roof has gone past the patching stage and needs to be replaced with new tin roofing. Help us make this year the year of no leaks!

aerial view of iscowp
From top: hay barn, new, old, and geriatric barns and an ISCOWP residence.

The old barn roof is the light colored one in this photo. Some of the tin roof was installed 40 years ago and is now dangerously paper thin. Heavy snow or hail, as we had last winter, could collapse the roof!

It is basically a simple job of removing the old tin and replacing it with new tin. The basic roof structure is still sound, but there might be a place or 2 that some of the wooden support structure will need to be replaced as well. I have had several roofing contractors look at the roof and turn in BIDS for labor only. So far the BIDS have all been close to $4,000 just for labor.

We will be ordering the tin roofing material from one of our neighbors who supplied us with tin roofing when we built the new barn. The large middle building in the photo shows the darker colored roof that is the new roof and the lighter colored roof that is the old roof which will be replaced. The area needing replaced is 70 feet by 94 feet. In our inspection with the first contractor we did discover some structural damage due to the heavy snow load last winter. We do have the materials on hand to repair that problem.

cows sunbathing
Cows enjoying a warm day (old barn roof light green) after a harsh winter.

We will be ordering the new corrogated tin roof with green enamel finish to match the New Barn roof. We have spoken to our supplier and he is just waiting for our approval to make the order. With your help the old barn will get a new leak free roof that will last for another 40 years!

To Build a new roof:

Labor $4,000.00
Materials $7,000.00
Total $11,000.00

A special feeding of treats to all 20 members of the herd will be done in honor of any donor of $1000 or more with prayers for the well being and spiritual progress of the donor. This is besides the monthly gifts of dried organic produce from our garden. A picture will be sent to the donor of the event. Please refer to this link for more details about our gifts to you and how you can donate.

Thank you.

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You can now access in PDF file the latest issue ISCOWP News, Volume 20 Issue 1 here. Even though there are lots of pictures, it is not as large a file as the past ones and should be easy to download or view online. Donating members will also receive a black and white hard copy sent to them. All the latest news will be in the newsletter which includes articles like, Home for Wayward Holsteins, 20 Years Later, ISCOWP Outreach (Balabhadra describes his travels), All About You ( be inspired by 11 year old Vaishnavi Karthik’s realizations) and reviews on new books about Mother Cow. Please check it out.



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