Barn Roof in Need of Repair


This is a special issue to give you the update on the barn roof timely. There is more news to tell which will come in the next issue.

Since the last update and the help of ISCOWP members, we were able to begin the rebuilding of the barn roof. However, we found more structural damage then we thought existed which increased the cost. Please read the first article on the barn roof and please help us finish rebuilding the roof!

May begins the first influx of guests to ISCOWP. Years ago we had thought how nice it would be to have people visit us and see the cows in their natural surroundings then for us to travel all over the country with the oxen. Now that is happening.

(Irene M. Dove)
ISCOWP Co-Managing Director

The Barn Roof is Almost Done, But We Need Your Help to Finish It!

Thank you so much for your help in rebuilding the old barn roof!
Due to your help, the roof rebuilding began. We ran into more structural damage than we anticipated. Once we took off the old tin we could see it. The rafters had sunk weakening the purlins (the wood going horizontal to the rafters). Much of the purlins had become bent and cracked which made the platform to lay the metal roofing upon not level and unstable.

To correct the problem we first thought of leveling the roof by jacking up the rafters from underneath the roof, but due to the weight of the roof it was not possible. The solution was to cut square blocks, (2″ thick, by 8 inches wide, by 18 inches long) and nail them to the rafters at varied heights to level the roof platform and then nail the purlins to the blocks. The metal roofing then had a level platform on which to be laid.

This meant added expense to what was estimated. Please help us meet this additional expense and send what you can so we can finish rebuilding the roof right away!

You can read more about the rebuilding of the old barn roof, how you can help and our gifts to you at our website. Remember, a gift of a $1000 gives special treats to the ISCOWP herd of 20 with prayers for the well being of you and your family and a picture of the event! Thank you in advance for whatever help you can give.

Fixing the barn roof
Removing the old thin tin from the old barn roof.
Repairing the roof
The rafters had sunk weakening the purlins and creating an unleveled platform for the metal roofing.
Barn roof repair
Another view of the weakened purlins (the wood going horizontal to the ground).
Barn roof repair
To strengthen the roof platform on which the metal roofing would be placed, square blocks were cut and nailed to the rafters at various heights and then the purlins were nailed to them and then the metal roofing had a secure level platform on which to be placed.

ISCOWP Outreach Right Here on the Farm!

Group from Krishna House in Gainsville visits ISCOWP
Kala Kanta and Jitamrita run the Gainesville temple in Florida. They brought a youth group from Florida to visit ISCOWP.
OSU Students visit with ISCOWP cows
Ohio State University students came to ISCOWP to do research for their Global Leadership course.
Shyam Licking Guests
Shyama is licking Madhumangala from Colombia
Bhakti Vibhava Swami & Sri the Ox
Bhakti Vaibhava Swami has a major role in the production of the movie Lost Village. ISCOWP can be seen in this movie which beautifully explains the importance of village life for the health, peace and spirituality of humanity.Trilokatma, from the Czech Republic, is petting Sri.

You cad find out more about this movie HERE.

Guests visit Shyama their adopted cow
Rakesh & Pooja Sharma with their children Divya, Radha and Janaki, visit their adopted cow Shyama
Amrta the cow & guests
Narayan Brown (trained under Balabhada more than 10 years ago) and brother enjoy the company of Sri and Amrita. They helped herd the cows to the other side of the farm. They are from the project New Talavan in Mississippi.

You can find out more about New Talavan HERE.



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