Narayana Sends His Love on Janmashtami

Narayana, the ox, sends his love on Janmashtami.

Narayana and his brother Nara were about to be sold for meat when we brought them home to ISCOWP from a dairy that was about to close. It was a small dairy and in poor condition. The owner was diagnosed with cancer. She was very happy that two baby bull calves were going to a good home. The two calves were found living in small hutches in a dirty condition. Now, seven years later you can see how healthy and handsome Narayana is. His brother is also handsome, happy and healthy. Due to the help of ISCOWP members like you, it has been possible to provide lifetime protection to both of them.

Krishna is a cowherd boy and the cows are very dear to Him. Please consider feeding a cow or cows on this auspicious day of Lord Krishna’s birthday. Although Narayana and Nara are now enjoying pasturing on lush green pastures, winter is approaching and we need to buy hay for them and the ISCOWP herd of 24 cows. The annual Matching Gift Challenge has begun so any donation you give will be doubled dollar for dollar!

It takes about 200 bales of hay to feed the herd of 24 cows and costs about $9000. $5,992 is already donated! Today you can help collect the remaining $3000 needed to buy all the winter hay! Each bale of hay weighs approximately 800 pounds and will last our cows one day. One bale costs $45. Charity to the cows on this special day acquires transcendental benefits for you and your family, generations past and future! From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. May Lord Krishna bless you always.

$45 to feed the herd of 24 cows for a day
$315 to feed the herd of 24 cows for a week
$1350 to feed the cows for a month

Nara in front of Narayana arriving at ISCOWP.


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