ISCOWP Ox Training Program


Hare Krishna,
Ox training has begun again at the ISCOWP farm. Although Balabhadra, President of ISCOWP, has not yet totally recovered from Gullian-barre Syndrome, he is well enough to begin training Madhava the ox again and a new teamster Dhananjaya. Dhananjaya has been coming to help with farm chores on the weekends and now has committed to a year’s training at the ISCOWP farm starting in April.This e-newsletter is just a peak into that training program. The program represents a partnership between ISCOWP and ECOV,  a New Vrindaban corporation dedicated to cow protection and agriculture.Soon the next ISCOWP News will be published with more details of this training program and other thought provoking articles.

Do check out the Adopt-A-Cow article as Shyama needs an adopter!

Your servant and friend,
(Irene M. Dove)
ISCOWP Co-Managing Director

ISCOWP Ox Training Program

ECOV is looking for more than one trainee as the goal is to have a minimum of 10 ox teams and 10 teamsters in 10 years. Here is their Advertisement.

  • Experience with cows preferred but not necessary (training provided by International Society for Cow Protection ISCOWP)
  • Familiar with and practicing Vaisnava behavior and principles.
  • Motivated, Competent, Mature, Balanced, Self-Starter

Duties Include:

  • Working with Oxen
  • Transporting milk from barn to temple kitchen (serve as substitute milker)
  • Hauling
  • Forestry (logging, firewood, fence posts – working with chainsaw)
  • Field Work (hauling, plowing, harvesting, etc.)
  • Interacting with pilgrims and interns
  • Teaching about Oxen
  • Basic animal husbandry

References required.
Compensation Package: Salary and Accommodations
Current US legal residents given preference
Will work with ECOV, a New Vrindaban corporation dedicated to cow protection and agriculture
E-Mail Madhava Gosh

Oxen Training at ISCOWP
Balabhadra leading Madhava to the barn for more training.
Haw Turns with Madhava the Ox
Begining a left “Haw” turn with trainee Dhananjaya looking on.
Finishing a "Haw" turn.
Finishing a “Haw” turn.
Oxen training at ISCOWP
Dhananjaya on his own with Balabhadra supervising.
PHD (post hole digging) program at ISCOWP
Former pupil Chaitanya teaches Dhananjaya for his PHD degree (Post Hole Digging).

Adopt Shyama

Shyama is our oldest cow at age 23 which would make her 115 years old in human years. She is peaceful and calm. Although old, she seems to be in good health. However, she is slower than the rest of the cows. When guests come, she is a good one to bring the guests to as she is rarely skittish. We noticed that more than once, the herd changed the direction they were going and followed her in a different direction.

In September 2003, she appeared in the pasture and adopted our herd and farm as her new home. When a new cow shows up on the farm the general practice is to check the fences for holes. In her case there were no holes found to be fixed. She is the only member of the herd right now who is not adopted. She needs you to adopt her! You can adopt her at this ISCOWP web page.

Read about our Adopt A Cow program at the Adopt a Cow page on the ISCOWP web site. A few cows are only adopted once. As we explain on the web site, the adoption fee does not fully cover all costs of caring for the cow. So please adopt a cow for yourself, or as a present for a dear one, or in honor of a dear one. You can learn how you can adopt and your benefits at How to Adopt A Cow.

Shyama, a 23 year old cow at ISCOWP
Erin and Shyama. Shyama is very peaceful and always friendly to guests.


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