Cows on the Mooove


In the first group of cows to travel from ISCOWP West Virginia to ISCOWP Florida were Abhay, Akshobhya, Padmaganda and Meenakshi. Their trip is described in the first video. Indraneela and Lila were the second group to go and their story is told in the second video.  We are trying to move each cow with their best friend or friends.

New Life in the South

4 cows grazing at ISCOWP Florida
The first four cows to arrive at ISCOWP, Florida: Abhay, Akshobhya, Meenakshi and Padmaganda. The other half of the farm is beyond the trees.
Cows & Balaji in water trough
From left to right: Abhay,Padmaganda, Akshobhya, and Meenakshi with Balaji in the water trough. All good friends.
Akshobhya under Live Oak tree
The Live Oak trees give Akshobhya and  the other cows shade.
Spanish Moss and New Barn
Meenakshi (foreground) enjoys eating the Spanish Moss that grows from the Live Oak trees. Padmaganda, Lila and Indraneela (in background) are in front of one of the  new barns.
Padmaganda & Live Oak tree
Padmaganda also likes the Spanish Moss.
Balaji and Abhay reunite at the watering trough.
Balaji and Abhay reunite at the watering trough.
Now there are 6 cows at ISCOWP Florida.
During August, six cows moved from ISCOWP West Virginia to ISCOWP Florida.




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