Please Rescue Her


Hare Krsna!

Please rescue this cow as your gift of love for Valentine’s Day. She is only 3 years old and has produced 23, 096 pounds of milk but now she can’t get pregnant again and her milk production has fallen below 60 pounds a day. She is now considered a liability to the dairy farmer and she must go to the slaughterhouse unless we can rescue her. To rescue her we need approximately $2000 as her price is $1, 500 and then there are rescue costs like transportation, etc. We also need to know she will be supported (adopted) at the least for one year. With this funding we will be able to rescue her. The owner is willing to keep her as long as a few weeks (the weather is too cold right now to move her) if we give him the green light that we will come and get her. She is destined to go to the slaughterhouse this Sunday if we do not give him the assurance we will take her.

Anyone who is the first person to give $1000 will not only be performing a pious act but will get to name the cow. An arthik and treats offered to their cow and the rest of the herd will be performed in their honor with a video report sent to them. Seasonal video updates of their cow will be sent via email. Anyone who will adopt this cow will receive an 8″ by 11″ photo and certificate of adoption and seasonal video updates of their adopted cow. Any gift of any amount is so greatly appreciated and will help meet the total needed. We have gifts also for other level of donations. Please read about this cow and view a couple of pictures of her in the following article.

It would greatly help if she were adopted for life. That means year after year there would be guaranteed funds for her to live out her life protected. Please read about our lifetime adoption program and adopt.

Thank you so much!

Your servant and friend,
ISCOWP Co-Managing Director

Help Us Rescue Her

From Judy who works at the dairy where she is staying:

“She’s only had one calf but we could never get her bred back and now her milk is falling off. I think Don will probably put her on the truck to the 84 auction Sunday. The tester was here yesterday and she has fallen a little below producing 60 pounds of milk per day. Therefore she is a liability. She’s a pretty girl, kinda on the small side. Nice friendly little cow. She’s never had mastitis or any issues besides not breeding back. Don shipped a cow last week who brought $1600. She was a little bigger than 1038 but that’s still … yikes. I checked her DHIA records just the other night and she has made 23,096 lbs. of milk in this lactation (her first). She has been in milk a little over 500 days. She is only about 3 years old … has only had one calf. She is just a nice, friendly cow who likes to lick her human friends.”

She is only 3 years old and can not get pregnant again.
She is only 3 years old and can not get pregnant again.
She has produced 23,096 lbs. of milk in little over a year and half. Now she is a liability.
She has produced 23,096 lbs. of milk in little over a year and half. Now she is a liability.


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