General Agriculture

Eco-Farm – an Acres U.S.A. Primer
by Charles Walters & C.J. Fenzau,
Available from Acres U.S.A.

In this book, eco-agriculture is explained from the tiniest molecular building blocks to managing the soil – in terminology that not only makes the subject easy to learn, but vibrantly alive. Eco-Farm truly delivers a complete education in soils, crops, and weed and insect control. This should be the first book read by everyone beginning in eco-agriculture… and the most shop-worn book on the shelf of the most experienced.

Globalization of Agriculture and the Growth of Food Insecurity
Pgs. 30 (1996)
By Vandana Shiva
Globalization in agriculture means the corporatization of agriculture. This is bound to lead to enhanced food insecurity, which is a most undesirable option.

Hands-on Agronomy
by Neal Kinsey & Charles Walters
Available from Acres U.S.A.

The soil is more than just a substrate that anchors crops in place. An ecologically balanced soil system is essential for maintaining healthy crops. This is a comprehensive manual on soil management. The”what’s and whys” of micronutrients, earthworms, soil drainage, tilth, soilstructure and organic matter are explained in detail. Kinsey shows us how working with the soil produces healthier crops with a higher yield. True hands-on advice that consultants charge thousand for every day. Updated, revised edition.

Introduction to Permaculture
by Bill Mollison with Reny Mia Slay.
Tagari Publications, PO Box 1, Tyalgum NSW 2484, Australia. 1991,
ISBN 0-908228-05-8
Available from Acres USA
Permaculture is about designing sustainable human settlements. It is a philosophy and an approach to land use which weaves together microclimate, annual and perennial plants, animals, soils, water management, and human needs into intricately connected productive communities.
Contents: Energy-efficient site analysis, planning & design methods; House placement & design for temperate, dry land & tropical regions; Urban permaculture: garden layouts, land access & community funding systems; Using fences, trellis, greenhouse & shade house to best effect; Orchards & home woodlots for temperate, arid & tropical climates; permaculture gardens: energy saving designs & techniques; Tree crops & pasture integration for stock; How to influence microclimate around the house & garden.

The Edible Ornamental Garden
By John E, Bryan/Coralie Castle
101 Productions, 834 Mission Street
San Francisco, California 94103
ISBN 912238-47-X Clothbound
ISBN 012238-46-1 Paperback
All sorts of unusual dishes are possible when ornamentals are explored for their flavor and aroma as food, many uses of which are buried in history. As certain plants were developed specifically for food,edible portions of others more notable for their eye-appeal were forgotten.

The One-Straw Revolution
By Masanobu Fukuoka
ISBN 0-87857-220-1
Available: Rodale Press, 1978, Other India Press
“Like many in the West, and sooner than most of us, Masanobu Fukuoka has understood that we cannot isolate one aspect of life from another. When we change the way we grow our food, we change our food, we change society, we change our values. *The One-Straw Revolution* is an inspiring, necessary book about agriculture because it is not just about agriculture. Wendell Berry

The Soul of Soil: A Guide to Ecological Soil Management
Third Edition, by Grace Gershany & Joseph Smillie 174 pages
ISBN 0-9616496-0-7
A useful guide to managing soils for long-term productivity. It offers practical concepts to help make sound management decisions based on ecological principles. Soil building techniques are covered including: organic matter management, on-farm composting, cultivation & weed control, using mineral fertilizers, building and maintaining humus, green manures & rotations, nutrient balances & soil testing, planning for organic certification.

Ten Acres Enough
By Edmund Morris, Ralph C. Miller, Lynn R. Miller
ISBN 1-885210-02-7 Soft Cover
ISBN 1-885210-03-5 Hard Cover
An unabridged reprint of the 1864 classic. How a very small farm may be made to keep a very large family.

Violence of the Green Revolution
By Vandana Shiva
Pgs. 265 (1997)
Second Indian reprint. Shiva documents the awesomedestruction of genetic diversity and soil fertility involved in the makingof the green revolution. She also documents the true environmental horrorsassociated with it, giving statistics where required.