Seed Books

Rapid Clonal Multiplication of Rice Seed
By R.H. Richharia
From the eminent rice scientist, R.H. Richharia, you can learn through this booklet how to raise a million seedlings from a single seed through the new technique invented by him. Best way to multiply traditional rice cultivars.

Seed to Seed: Seed Saving Techniques for the Vegetable Gardener
by Suzanne Ashworth. Edited by Kent Whealy. Seed Savers Exchange, Inc.,
Rural Route 3, Box 239, Decorah, IA 52101, USA. 1991, 222 pgs. ISBN0-9613977-7-2.
*Seed to Seed* is a complete seed-saving guide for 160 vegetable crops, with detailed information on each vegetable: botanical classification, flower structure and pollination method, isolation distances, caging and hand pollination techniques, and proper methods of harvesting, drying cleaning and storing the seeds. Beginning or experienced gardeners can easily learn how to save all of their own seeds, resulting in substantial annual savings and the satisfaction that comes from a garden which is truly self-perpetuating.

The Seed Keepers
Pgs. 156 (1995)
Vandana Shiva, Vanaja Ramprasad, Pandurang Hegde, Oakar Krishnan
and Radha Holla-Bhar
Extensive documentation and introduction to farmers who are still maintaining traditional seeds in their fields. Color pictures.