A Field Guide to Cows: How to Identify and AppreciateAmerica’s 52 Breeds
By John Pukite
Pub, Penguin , June 1, 1998
ISBN: 0-14027-388-3
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In A Field Guide to Cows, John Pukite provides all the facts–so even the novice can identify and get to know America’s fifty-two breeds of cattle. Every entry in this entertaining yet completely usable book features an illustration that highlights each breed’s most easily identifiable traits, such as coloration pattern and body shape.

Cattle of the World: Their place in the Human Scheme-Wild Types and Modern Breeds in Many Lands
By Sanders, Alvin Howard
1926 National Geographic
144 illustrations

Home Course in Animal Breeding
Volumes 1-10, set of 10 pamphlets, illustrated
by Palmer, Prof.C.C. DMV
Pleasant Hill School of Animal Breeding, 1974
Includes horses, cattle, sheep, swine. Sections on anatomy, genetics, managing pregnancy & birth, natural and artificial breeding, and sterility