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Acres U.S.A.
P.O. Box 8800, Metairie LA 70011 USA
In US call 1-800-355-5313, outside: 504-889-2100 FAX 504-889-2777
Is an indispensable monthly newspaper for today’s serious organic farmer. It covers such cutting edge topics as bio-security-keeping your crops protected from genetic contamination, and your cows free from disease. They also have a book service, featuring books on practical progressive farming. This is the place to find books on soil fertility and how to make responsible farming work.

B. Jain Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
1921, Chuna Mandi. 10th St. Paharganj,
New Delhi-110055 Ph: 23670430, 23670572,
23683200,23683300 Fax : +91-11-23610471
& 23683400

Source of books on Homeopathic medicine for cattle.

Chelsea Green Publishers
P.O. Box 428
Gates-Briggs Building #205
White River Junction, VT. 05001
for sales, dial 800-639-4099
for catalogs or information, dial 802-295-6300 or fax 802-295-6444

Many well known books for sustainable living where human activities are in harmony with nature. Books from authors such as Eliot Coleman available.

Countryside & Small Stock Journal
N2601 Winter Sports Rd. Withee, WI 54498 USA
1-800-551-54498, 8-4 Central time

Articles on how to keep flies off cows, building and maintaining farm ponds, pasture management, the garden, etc. (May-June issue). Offers a book store.

Diamond Farm Book Publishers
PO Box 537
Alexandria Bay, NY 13607, USA
Div. Yesteryear Toys & Books Inc.
RR 3 Brighton, ON KOK 1H0 Canada
USA/ Canada: 1-800-481-1353 (Mon-Fri 8-5 EST)
International: 1-613-475-1771
Fax: USA/ Canada: 1-800-305-5138 (24-hrs)
International: 1-613-475-3748

Diamond Farm Book Publishers, a division of “Yesteryear Toys & Books Inc.”, was established in 1974; as North America’s premier source of agricultural and natural history books and videos. Over 400 different stock titles catering to all subject areas of agriculture and wildlife. International Mail Order Service.

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Other India Press
Mapusa 403 507 , Goa India
Phone: 91+ (0832) 263306
Fax: 91 + (0832) 263305
E-mail 1
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Books from authors such as Vandana Shiva, Alfred Howardon sustainable, organic agriculture

Rodale Press
Book Readers -~ Service
33 East Minor Street, Emmaus, PA 18098
PH: 610-967-5171, Fax: 610-967-8963

Series of books on organic gardening including preserving food from the garden

Rural Heritage
281 Dean Ridge Lane, Gainesboro, TN. 38562
Gail Damerow, Editor

Bimonthly magazine in support of farming and logging with horses, mules & oxen. Also a source of books.

Small Farmers Journal
P.O. Box 1627, Sisters, Oregon, 97759
Fax: 541-549-4403, Phone: 800-876-2893

Invaluable resource on all aspects of farming for small holder farmers. Animal traction farming featured, emphasizing the use of horses and oxen. A lot of the information and books on horse traction is applicable to working oxen. Back issues available by topics.