Information Resources for Livestock and Poultry Handling and Transport, 1990-1998
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A current guide to the “do’s and don’ts” of transportingand handling farm animals is now available from USDA’s National AgriculturalLibrary. The new publication provides access to scientific, training and organizational resources for farmers, livestock and poultry producers, researchers, animal caretakers and other animal handlers. The publication isavailable from NAL’s Animal Welfare Information Center.
The publication contains bibliographic citations, audiovisuals, governmental and institutional guidelines, Internet resources, and expertise from individuals and organizations. A special section lists organizations concerned with livestock transport and handling issues. Information is provided on how to contact each organization either via electronic means or postal address and a brief summary of the resources and services each organization offers.
Preceding the bibliography is the article, “Assessment of Stress During Handling and Transport,” by Temple Grandin, Ph.D., from Colorado State University. Dr. Grandin is a recognized authority in the field of livestock handling.
Copies of the publication are available free of charge while supplies last. NAL is part of the Agricultural Research Service, USDA’s chief research agency. NAL is the largest agricultural library in the world and one of four national libraries in the United States, along with the Library of Congress, the National Library of Medicine and the National Library of Education.